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Installation Testing

L&D Services offers an expert installation testing service, which ensures that any electrical installations are still safely and securely fitted. Over time electrical installations will degrade, therefore it is imperative to have your installations thoroughly examined to ensure that they do not pose a safety risk.

Aspects that will be checked include;

  • Switches and sockets, which can sustain damage from general wear and tear
  • All the electrical connections, which can become loose
  • The cables that can deteriorate over time
  • The infrastructure with the electrical units can become damaged

Our services include the completion of electrical Installation, Condition Reports for landlords/commercial premises provision of test certificates which may be required when buying/selling.

The level of degradation is heavily dependent on the location and structure of the building. For instance, installations in contact with extreme temperatures or with corrosive chemicals are more susceptible to damage. Similarly, damage can be inflicted simply through poor maintenance. Either way, it is recommended to have all your installations inspected and tested to ensure that they comply with the latest regulations. Damaged and faulty electrical installations can pose a safety risk and have hazardous consequences.

  • Visual inspection of the installation.
  • Continuity of (cpc) & Earth conductors.
  • Continuity of the ring circuits.
  • Polarity.
  • Insulation resistance of conductors.
  • Earth loop impedance test to determine the quality of your earthing.
  • Testing of RCDs to check that they do trip at the correct time and current rating.

Functional switching and Isolation, to insure the switches actually switch the live conductor and not the Neutral.